The Seventeenth Annual IEEE Green Technologies (GreenTech) Conference

March 26 – 28, 2025 | Wichita, Kansas

The Annual IEEE GreenTech Conference was conceived to address the challenges of securing green and clean energy sources
for the 21st century and building a more resilient and secure power grid to protect the environment.

Wichita, Kansas

An evening focused on energy policy with speakers from energy generators, transmission, major retailers, along with state and federal government. Networking, a panel discussion with industry leaders, and dinner will also be included.

Message from the Chair

Welcome from Wichita, Kansas, the home of the 17th annual IEEE Green Technologies (GreenTech) Conference. The conference offers an excellent opportunity for presenting technical papers to a gathering of international experts in green technologies promoting secure and sustainable energy systems. The conference serves as a forum for engineers, researchers, and specialists from academia, research centers, and industry worldwide to discuss and present the latest developments and applications related to the challenges of transitioning to sustainable economic practices. Recent advancements in machine learning, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence have enabled the adoption of technologies that reduce the use of fossil fuels in many industries. Greentech 2025 seeks papers and poster presentations in areas related to renewable energy and sustainable industry technologies.

Dr John Watkins
2025 GreenTech Conference General Chair