ACA2-09: Academic Presentations

April 6, 2018
16:00  -  16:45
Room 107

Analysis of Grid Connected Fuel Cell Power System Integrated with Supercapacitor – Nimat Shamim, Argenis Bilbao, David Reale and Stephen Bayne.

Nonlinear Control for Battery Energy Storage Systems in Power Grids – Oscar Danilo Montoya Giraldo, Walter Julián Gil González, Alejandro Garcés Ruiz, Andres Escobar Mejia and Luis Fernando Grisales Noreña.

Passivity-Based Control for Battery Charging/Discharging Applications by Using a Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter – Oscar Danilo Montoya Giraldo, Alejandro Garces Ruiz, Isaac Ortega Velázquez and Gerardo Rene Espinosa Perez.

Session Category :  ACADEMIC