KEYNOTE 05: Cognitive approach to building a safe and smart city

April 6, 2018
10:00  -  10:30
Room 204


Modern cities and municipalities are confronted with and increasing needs for real-time response and advanced measures to effectively control threats and challenges, and provide residents with well being and a quality of life.

Risk based approach and municipal services are becoming more technologically based offering opportunities that answer infrastructure needs for smart connectivity & operations, mitigating risks, and improving performance to keep an entire city safe.

This keynote will begin by addressing the safe city concept with the focus on risk management approach, preparedness and developing capabilities  that will contribute in lowering risks and treats.  The talk will then discuss collaborative technologies that will transform a safe city  towards a scalable and sustainable Smart and Safe City solutions.

Several examples and benefits will be highlighted followed an outline for successful implementation, deployment and adoption.

Session Category :  ALL