NextGen Smart Cities Workshop

April 4, 2018
09:30  -  12:00
Room 107

The 3.5-hour workshop covers the following topics:

1, Understanding The Megatrends and Their Implications (for Smart Cities, Society and Civilization)

i. We are at the cusp of a new Civilization

2. The Need And Urgency For Smart Cities

3. Defining Smart Cities The Right Way

i. Lack Of Standard Definition
ii. The 3 types of Smart Cities

4. Smart Cities as The Main Engine For Smart Growth, Job Creation …

5. Examples of Who Is Doing What Around The US

6. Examples of Who Is Doing What Around The Planet

7. Top Lessons Learned

8. Approaches For Moving Forward

i. Is There a Right Approach?

9. Sample Of Self-funded Projects/Initiatives For Smart Cities

10. How to Obtain Federal Monies and Grants

Session Category :  ALL