Pecan Street Tour with Bert Haskell, Scott Hinson and Travis Hyzak (Optional)

April 6, 2018
14:00  -  16:30

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Optional: Pecan Street Tour with Bert Haskell, Scott Hinson and Travis Hyzak
14:00 – 16:30

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Pecan Street, Inc. is a nonprofit research institute founded by The University of Texas to provide data- intensive research support for applied research focused on the utility sectors. Pecan Street’s work includes operating a permanent research testbed of approximately 1,000 houses and apartments in which instrumentation installed and operated by Pecan Street measures minute-interval electricity use down to the appliance level. Pecan Street provides the anonymized, curated data from this testbed to university researchers at no cost through its Dataport site. Dataport’s data visualization and querying tools are already used by over 500 university researchers from over 175 universities in 38 nations. This project proposes to improve Dataport’s data visualization and querying software, expand Dataport’s energy data content and increase university use of Dataport to advance the goal of increasing researchers’ ability to conduct data-driven energy research.

Pecan Street Lab

Pecan Street’s Lab is a 3-story, 3,800 square-foot facility in Austin, Texas equipped with multiple workstations that can support multiple testing configurations. It has a split phase 800A electrical service, a 6kWp solar array with orientations to the south and west, a 30 kWh lithium ion battery storage system, a 20 kW natural gas generator, multiple conduit raceways, AC and DC distribution buses, all LED lighting, a full building automation system and zonal refrigerant air conditioning. Pecan Street’s lab offers specialized capabilities to develop, test, and validate clean energy hardware  and residential and commercial products. Pecan Street’s testbeds and demonstration sites encompass over 1,100 households and 100 businesses with dense clusters in Austin, Boulder and San Diego. Participating properties are equipped with Pecan Street’s unique energy and water use instrumentation to measure real-time impacts of new technologies as well as changes in loads over time utilizing the three years of historic data that Pecan Street possesses for most participants. The Austin testbed includes the nation’s densest network of non- fleet electric vehicles and over 1MW of rooftop PV spread across 215 homes, all within 1 square mile.

Pecan Street’s data center, located within its lab, hosts all of Pecan Street’s research data on a secure server network that complies with Pecan Street’s DOE NETL-approved cybersecurity plan. Pecan Street’s databases were custom-architected to optimize for real-time integration of big datasets and optimized querying by researchers. The data center has over 75TB of formatted space of which nearly 45TB is in use. Pecan Street custom-architected its data-sharing platform Dataport around its Postgres research databases for seamless integration.

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