Simplifying a Connected City Workshop

April 4, 2018
13:00  -  17:00
Room 107

This workshop is intended to be an overview of IPv6 and how it can be used in creating a project that could be part of a Smart City/Smart Environment framework, this tutorial will cover the basics and provide insights into synergies among the IPv6 internetworking capabilities being provided in modern IoT devices along and solutions to problems under consideration in this area. Illustrating this with some actual implementations in testing or deployments today, presenters will provide information that can be used in planning new projects and might also be useful in enhancing existing projects in this area. Attendees will require some technical background in basic internetworking concepts. Knowledge of IPv6 is helpful, but is not required. The goal of the tutorial is to provide some foundational knowledge and encourage more thoughtful effort to widely deploy IPv6 in these environments.

Session Category :  ALL