2019 IEEE Annual Green Technologies Conference

The IEEE Green Technologies Conference (IEEE GreenTech) was conceived to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time – How do we provide the reliable energy demanded by an environmentally sensitive world using energy resources in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.    Green and clean energy sources added to energy mix do provide challenges to the energy grid operators requiring active management of the available energy sources to provide a resilient power grid.   The 11th Annual IEEE Green Technology Conference hopes is to draw insights and encourage collaboration from the many disciplines and the industrial collaborators required to address these challenges.

The 2019 IEEE Green Technologies Conference theme is “Geaux Green.”

Geaux Green adds a Cajun flair to the goal of increasing efficiency and improving quality of life by creating systems that reduce costs and improve services through connectivity and automation, incorporating techniques from sensing to analytics and leveraging the complementary technologies of Internet of Things, wireless, and virtualization to deliver scalable, trusted and reliable solutions.

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