The IEEE Green Technologies Conference provides an open forum for the Engineering Community, Researchers, Innovators, and regulators around the world to collaborate on the development and deployment of sustainable Green Technologies.  The Engineering Community, Researchers, and Innovators around the world are actively developing and applying economically sustainable Green Technology solutions to a number of global problems.

Researchers report rising CO2 levels in the world are causing climate issues.  Global dependance on finite fossil fuels for energy production and transportation fuel, much of which comes from unstable countries, continues to result in wildly fluctuating energy costs.  Green Technologies are the underlying solutions to many of the concerns of the global community.

The development, adoption and deployment of large scale wind mill, solar voltaic and solar thermal farms around the world are converting the wind and solar energy into electrical energy and displacing conventional electrical generation.  The variability of the wind requires applying numerous Green Technology solutions to project the availability of wind power mix to meet the current and projected load of the electric grids while at the same time providing the grid customers highly reliable energy.

The research and developments in energy storage technologies have seen the development and deployment of innovative energy storage technologies.  Replacing the current fleet of fossil fueled vehicles has been facilitated by innovative developments in battery technologies.  Several competing battery technologies are being developed to provide higher energy storage densities.  Not all of the battery technologies are applicable to electric transportations but are better suited to bulk electrical energy storage on a utility size scale.  Lithium Ion batteries are used in multiple applications from powering numerous computer technologies, electrified transportation and bulk electrical energy storage.  Batteries are the most recognized energy storage technologies.  The storage of solar energy by the conversion of biomass is a promising technology.  Energy storage developments in converting bulk biomass material to synthetic natural gas and fuel pellets is a less known application of Green Technologies to address several global issues.

As new Green Technologies are developed and deployed, adoption by global communities remains dependent on politicos and regulators.  Behind the meter distributed energy production has in some areas had unintended consequences to customers and the general community.  Utility regulators are approached by the communities and the utility companies they regulate to meet the Green Technology adoption issues presented by both.

The 11th annual Green Technologies Conference technical committee is putting together a very robust program.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to make a difference in our communities and around the world through the support of new and innovative Green Technologies development.  We seek to support your own opportunity to make a difference in the world through your own innovative solutions.

David J Pierce
2019 Green Technologies General Chair