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2018 IEEE Annual Green Technologies Conference of Smart City

April 4-6, Austin, TX

The IEEE Green Technologies Conference (GreenTech) is now in its 10th year, and the hope is to draw insights and encourage collaboration from many disciplines and backgrounds in order to address the most pressing challenges of our time–securing green and clean energy sources for the 21st century.

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The 2018 IEEE Green Technologies Conference theme is “Smart City.”
Smart cities seek to increase efficiency and improve quality of life by creating systems that reduce costs and improve services through connectivity and automation, incorporating techniques from sensing to analytics and leveraging the complementary technologies of IoT, wireless, 5G, Block chain, Cyber security, IPv6 and AI to deliver scalable, trusted and reliable solutions.

A rich conference program has been carefully developed that include: 5 keynote speakers from government and industry, over 24 panel and speaker sessions on diverse topical areas, along with 35 technical researched papers as well as 5 workshops. The conference will have exhibits, organized 2 technical tours and social/networking opportunities.

The conference program addresses relevant topics of interest including:
• Lessons learned from Global Smart Cities from Islander Malaysia, Sweden, EU funded smart cities projects, Mexico, Dallas, Austin and many others
• The future of Autonomous Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure
• Distributed Grids and energy infrastructure for sustainability
• Enabling technologies such as block-chain for securing software and IoT devices supply chain, AI – For actionable intelligence, 5G and IPv6
• Smart city applications from metering, to lighting, to parking
• Opportunities and challenges in Human-centered Design for Smart Cities.

There are over 50 companies, academia and government agencies being represented at the conference.

Examples include:
City of Austin, Austin Energy, Austin Electric, Capital Metro, Cisco, Dell EMC, NXP, UT-Austin-CTR, Ford, Synopsys, Texas State University, IBM, Qualcomm, National Instruments, NIST, IPv6, ACUP, Resilient Grid, IEEE Standards Association, Representatives from several smart cities in Malaysia, Sweden, Mexico, Austin, Dallas, Houston, US Army, US department of Transportation, and others and also include several IEEE societies such as the Communications and Computer societies.
To learn more about the program at glance, see
We encourage you to visit our GreenTech website and witness some of the program details that we put in place. The conference program shows a carefully orchestrated and prepared program with multiple tracks, variation from keynote speakers, panel sessions, speakers, technical research, workshops, optional technical tours and great networking opportunities for dialogue and collaboration.

In addition, the conference offers a variety of patronage, sponsors and exhibit opportunities that bring value added contribution from companies and in return a high ROI for the sponsoring companies.

Please visit the conference site for more details

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I would like to, of course, extend a sincere thanks to the Organizing Committee for their dedication and commitment and continued efforts. I know that their hard work is resulting in a great and differentiated and memorable conference allowing attendees to enjoy a fun and productive conference.

We hope that the topics presented and discussion will positively impact your company, your community and the country.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Austin, TX for the conference and enjoy the so many interesting, relevant, and important topics in the field of green technology of smart city.

For more information, please email

Fawzi Behmann,
General Conference Chair, 2018 GreenTech of Smart City, April 4-6, Austin, TX

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