Note to Authors:

We would like to express our concern and support for all the members of the IEEE community, staff, families and all others affected by the global health crisis.

IEEE, Region 5 and the OKC Section have been monitoring the developments with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our first priority. As we are committed to supporting the author community during this time, please know the following options that will support a pathway to publication for authors are available in the event a conference is canceled, postponed, or changed to a virtual conference:

Sorry for any inconvenience in these extraordinary times.
  • we can publish non-presented papers at the request of the Chair, with concurrence from sponsor(s) as well as Conference Committee.
  • we can publish papers presented virtually – no special review needed as it would be considered presented.

If the peer review and final program are done, but the physical program is deferred – but in year,

  • we can publish as usual at the time of the physical or virtual event.
  • we can publish prior to the face to face event to support authors if timeliness matters.
Thank you for your support of our shared mission.
Authors  and Co-Authors Accepted will be sent an email through EasyChair shortly with an option to publish.

Do you have an individual, academia or industry (company) activity/paper to support green technologies?  We want to hear from you with the possibility to present your ideas at the 2020 IEEE Green Technologies Conference.  We’re looking for paper along the following ‘tracts’:

  • Energy Generation & Storage Technologies
  • Energy Usage Reduction and Conservation
  • Architectural and Engineering Sustainable Designs
  • Environmental, Legal, Social, Economic, and Political Impacts
  • Smart Systems and Smart Infrastructures
  • Sustainable IT, Computing & Software Engineering
  • Biomedical & Biotechnology
  • Radar, Weather Forecasting, Water & Sanitation

If we pick your abstract for selection in the 2020 IEEE GreenTech Conference there are a number of ways you can choose to present as a patron, including:

  • Individual, Tutorials or Workshops
  • Seminar/Special Session
  • Executive Forum/Panel Session
  • Demonstrations or Presentation Session

The best papers shall be included in the conference proceeding then will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore® digital library so please take a look at our Call For Papers below for full details and sub-genres of each ‘track’.


**Note: All camera ready papers accepted by notifications must be uploaded back to Easychair in pdf version (with their same paper number)**

Deadlines and (Notification Dates):

Workshop Proposal: Feb 16 (Feb 29)
Technical Paper: Feb 16* (Feb 29*) or Jan 19 (Feb 09)
Tutorial|Forum|Panel|Talk: Feb 29 (Mar 08)
Graduate|Doctoral Poster: Feb 29 (Mar 08)
Technical Paper Camera Ready: Mar 01 or Mar 15*
Student Poster|Showcase|Recruiter: Feb 29 (Mar 08)
*Extension due to numerous requests

Please contact any of the names below if you have any question.

Technical Program Chair: Pierre Tiako, PhD (
Industrial Program Chair: Ryan Musgrove (
General Conference Chair:
Robert Scolli (