About IEEE GreenTech Eaton Power Systems Experience Center Facility Visit

The IEEE GreenTech Committee partnered with the EATON Power Systems Experience Center in Houston TX to bring to our GreenTech attendees, IEEE Region 5 Members, and local area STEM Communities the opportunity to visit and explore a unique experience in the world of electricity and education.

The workshops include the following:

About EATON Power Systems Experience Center

At the EATON Power Systems Experience Center, you’ll learn about industry best practices and the latest innovations through hands-on training in multiple application environments. Our applications step customers through power management solutions through the utility power system down to the receptacle in your home. Visit us to learn the design, technology, and installation practices of a product within today’s most advanced power applications.

A global education solution for training in a real application environment.

From a mock petrochemical refinery to a substation and power distribution grid, the Eaton Experience Center in Houston provides a global education solution with the unique ability to provide hands-on training in a true-to-life environment. This 55,000-square-foot facility manifests global trends within power management. In addition, to live application installations, the facility features multiple training rooms designed to facilitate industry-specific education and hands-on demonstrations of Eaton’s entire line of electrical products and solutions.

The Facility Tours include real-world applications in the management of electricity.