We are pleased to facilitate the IEEE Green Technologies Conference and support a Job Fair sponsored by IEEE, The University of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Christian University, University of Central Oklahoma and the members of the IEEE Oklahoma City Section. Approximately 400 to 500 Engineers, Researchers, Innovators, and Engineering Students from 13 surrounding States and the world will be attending the 2020 IEEE Green Technologies Conference and IEEE Student Activities Friday and Saturday. This 12th annual meeting will provide 4 days of training and educational activities interspersed with contests for Undergraduate students (Paper, Robotics, Ethics and a Circuit Design). The students participating in the competitions represent the best in their university programs with current knowledge of the engineering design and research. These students provide the foundation for the future Industrial Engineering leadership; therefore, it is important we provide these future graduates with exposure to industry and professionals through networking at the Conferences.

The IEEE Green Technical Conference provides a forum for government, industry, and researchers to collaborate and present innovative approaches on future framework, plans and technological solutions for moving towards a Green Technology Focus but not ignoring existing fossil industries in setting standards for a collaborative experience. Stakeholders include municipalities, utilities, equipment vendors, and residents. We’re asking you to be a Patron, Exhibitor or Supporters for our showcase united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, and collaborate for success in our respective Engineering Fields by using the Patronage Support Form. This Technical conference provides resources and opportunities to help understand the fast moving technological change within our industrial or academic interest.

The academic papers presented at the IEEE Green Technologies Conference are judged on their quality, research, sustainable designs, and applications related to Green Technologies. The best papers shall be included in the conference proceeding then published in IEEE Explore.

Green Technology topics include Energy Generation, Energy Usage Reduction and Conservation, Architectural and Engineering Sustainable Designs, Environmental, legal social, economic and political impacts, Smart Systems and Smart Infrastructures, Sustainable IT, Computing and Software Engineering, Biomedical and Biotechnology, and Radar, Weather Forecasting, Water and Sanitation.

Thirteen of the surrounding States that is 25 – 35 different universities send student groups long distances to participate in this meeting and their funds are limited, we are requesting your participation. We are requesting your support to provide papers, provide technical sessions, forums, and just encourage Exhibits and Non-Exhibit patronage.

I thank you very much for your kind consideration for funding. If you make a contribution, we will make it known to our attendees.

Our organization, the IEEE, is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization.

For additional information contact Ryan Musgrove Ryan.musgrove@ieee.org or Robert Scolli at r.scolli@ieee.org.


Ryan Musgrove
2020 IEEE Green Tech Industrial Program Chair

Robert Scolli
2020 IEEE Green Tech General Chair

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