Avinash Patwardhan

Avinash Patwardhan

Managing Director

Dr. Patwardhan, PhD, BCEEM, is Managing Director of Jacobs Smart City Practice. With 30 years of problem-solving, systematic thinking, and delivering high quality results using best-in-class collaborative style. Experience for 50+ clients in North America and overseas—both in the public (local, state and federal) and private sectors, Dr. Patwardhan’s passion is spotlighting how emerging technologies are impacting cities, utilities and organizations as they plan, build, and manage infrastructure assets. Using time-honored best practices and cutting-edge technologies from different business sectors and geographies around the globe, Dr. Patwardhan has spent his career helping dramatically Improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people—from water resource allocation, Sustainability planning, smart city transformations, economic development, and real time asset management.

Dr. Patwardhan’s approach is open-minded, collaborative, and results-oriented—driven by his sustainability, he has helped client organizations develop integrated planning, improve resiliency, and implement groundbreaking sustainable infrastructure projects such as Masdar. Dr. Patwardhan approaches complex and transformational challenges with an understanding of planning, engineering, technology, delivery and operations of physical infrastructure integrated with digital developing and identifying integration and interdependencies across infrastructure sectors. He has authored over 60 technical papers.


April 6, 2018
APPL-01: Smart City Applications & Technology Issues
Room 204
11:00  -  11:45