Clement Rames

Sustainable Mobility Systems Research Engineer

Clement Rames is a sustainable mobility systems research engineer exploring the
energy-mobility nexus from a data-driven, human-centered perspective at the National
Renewable Energy Lab. His research aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and
equitable mobility ecosystem through sharing, electrification and automation, and leverage
participatory design to create more livable cities.

Through the Advanced Fueling Infrastructure and Mobility Decision Science pillars of DOE’s
SMART Mobility Consortium, he is collaborating with five National Labs to evaluate the
energy impacts and infrastructure needs of electrifying​ ​shared​ ​vehicles, ​​and​
​the​ ​links​ ​between​ ​urban​ ​form, ​​mobility choices​ ​and​ ​vehicle​

A citizen of the world, Clement has lived in multiple countries across Europe and
America, studied at UT Austin, and holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical
Engineering from the University of Bristol, UK. He has authored multiple
publications on EV charging infrastructure planning and their impact on the grid.


April 5, 2018
Shared Mobility in Smart Cities: insights from Ride-Hailing in Austin, TX
Room 204
16:00  -  16:45