TECH-04: Autonomous machines (Drones, Rovers) in Smart Cities

April 6, 2018
16:00  -  16:45
Room 104

Autonomous machines (Drones, Rovers)  in Smart Cities: How small autonomous vehicles, Drones and Rovers,  can leverage both Autonomous Car, IoT and other technologies

Future Smart Cites will include a place in the sky, on the sidewalk, on the road and in our buildings for autonomous services carried out by Drones and Rovers. This means there is a complex need for them to interact with people, roadgoing traffic and the IoT. In order to be successful and safe, these small autonomous vehicles need to leverage the same functional safety and sensors as designed for Autonomous Cars as well as the types of sensor suites and communications systems developed for IoT. Join Iain Galloway and Kwok Wu from NXP in a discussion of what technology solutions are available today and in the near future.