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EMTP Simulation and Modeling of Inverter Based Resources

Electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation offers uncompromised accuracy that has proven to be critical for the interconnection studies of renewable energy systems.  EMTP (Electromagnetic Transient Program) is the leading EMT simulation software, widely used for studies of system stability, renewables, HVDC, microgrids, protection, etc.  At our 2h hands-on workshop, we will introduce you to EMTP and EMT modeling of renewable energy systems. You will learn how to set up and modify the models, how to run different simulation types, and how to plot and process simulation results.

The EMTP trial is valid for 2 weeks so you can continue exploring the software after the workshop. In the meantime these tutorial videos can help you get started with EMTP on your own.

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Mihajlo Curcic

Introduction to Digital Control for Power Electronics

Part I: Computer Interface and Instrumentation Electronics, Analog-Based Instrumentation Systems, Sensors and Transducers, Electronic Instruments for Electrical Engineering, Signal Simulators and Emulators, Instrumentation and Monitoring for Distributed Generation Systems, Instruments for Data Acquisition, Software for Electric Power Instrumentation. Part II: Sensing and conditioning circuits, digital controllers for power electronics, methods of designing digital controller, discretization methods, digital filters, delay of digital control, DSP, programming through simulation software, examples of digital controllers for a grid-connected inverter. Read more for details >>

Prof. Dr. Tiago Davi Curi Busarello
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Godoy Simões

LEED Green Associate Training

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a sustainability scorecard for green buildings. The LEED Green Associate is the only professional designation to show employers and clients you have certified knowledge in the field.

To date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 8000 students pass their respective exams at a 99% pass rate. This course is geared at allowing students to graduate with letters after their name! This course is instructed by a USGBC Faculty member and is the most effective way to pass. Save money by registering today and make a positive difference in your career! Read more for details >>

Lorne Mlotek

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