Welcome to The City With No Limits. From the historic Heights to the heart of Downtown, the real question is “What can’t you do?”. If you are looking for the best ways to spend your time, stay tuned. In a melting pot like Houston, there is something for everyone. Which is no surprise, as it was named the most diverse U.S. city in 2021.

Museum District

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From natural science to fine art, the Museum District has plenty of options to choose from. This is an area that showcases different cultural experiences. From The Museum of Natural Science’s permanent displays like the Wiess Energy Hall to The George Observatory for Saturday night stargazing. As we come closer to the conference date, we will announce displays being showcased in museum favorites such as the Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Museum of Fine arts.

NASA Space Center (tickets available for purchase)

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Explore the space center that has been at the forefront of US space travel and exploration for more than 50 years. The research in this center has directly influenced 21st century technological advancements for the world. Visit the Educational Complex and Space Museum that features more than 400 space artifacts, permanent exhibits, and experiences. All  of these combined showcase the story that NASA and the Johnson Space Center have to tell. At the IEEE GreenTech conference there will be tickets for a discounted price as well as free travel.

Hermann Park

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Unlike any average park this 445 acre area is loaded with tons of attractions and is conveniently  surrounded by several of Houston’s proudest establishments. There are a plethora of activities to plan for yourself or your family. You could plan a walk or jog in the morning on the 1.5 mile trail. East of the park area you will find the museum district near Rice university and the Houston Zoo. You can also find the Miller Outdoor Theater which has performances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

Graffiti Wall (Street Art)

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One of  the most stunning Houston displays is the street art in downtown.  The Graffiti Wall is widely considered one of the most Instagram famous walls in Houston. If you are looking for an area to take pictures with vivid and fun scenery, this is the place. These colorful painted walls are definitely a staple to the city’s street art scene.

Miller Outdoor Theatre

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During the day, you can have an afternoon picnic in the lush green grass on the Hermann park hill. However, if you start your picnic later in the afternoon to lead into the evening, you can also enjoy some of the riveting performances at the Miller Outdoor Theater. There are amazing performances that showcase different cultures through music, dance, and acting.

Bike Riding/Scooters

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While downtown, especially in the evenings, you can see kids and adults alike zipping up and down Travis, McKinney, Main , Fannin, and other legendary streets with untold stories and historical backgrounds. A local favorite is Glyder’s located on 930 Main St Suite 103. Since 2020, they’ve offered a large selection of quality electric scooters and bikes to anyone in the Downtown Houston area interested in discovering the city in a different form. Each electric scooter is charged at the location and is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, odometer, a bell, and handy controls to help you operate your scooter smoothly! Each bike rental comes equipped with safety lights on the wheels, and in a variety of colors & designs.

Cockrell Butterfly Center

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One of the most popular areas to visit at Houston’s Museum of  Natural Science, the Butterfly Exhibit is a captivating and educational experience for the entire family. After watching a five minute informative video, you are then allowed to walk around and explore the 3 story glass structure filled with tropical plants and over 60 species of the world’s largest and most colorful butterflies. A truly breathtaking experience.

Discovery Green

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Opened in 2008, this 12 acre conservancy located in the heart of downtown Houston is a great place to have family fun and connect with other Houstonians or Houston visitors. Enjoy morning and afternoon activities like fitness programs such as, Wellness Wednesdays, Yoga in the Parks, Tai Chi, and more. In the evenings you can enjoy leisurely walks, mosaics, or free concerts.

Frank’s Pizza

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Whenever you finish an evening of riding scooters, bikes, or attending a night show at Miller, swing by Frank’s for a treat after hours. One of Houston’s most popular pizza places downtown, Frank’s is a perfect place for night owls who love great food. Once in line, you’ll see that everything is truly bigger in Houston, even our slices!

The Breakfast Klub

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Recognized as one of the best breakfast restaurants in the nation, visit this casual family restaurant with an ambiance that makes you feel at home no matter what profession you’re in or event you’ve come from. Enjoy their take on southern classics like  “Katfish & Grits” and “Wings&Waffles”.

Written by:

James Epkins Jr.GreenTech 2022 WebmasterIEEE Houston Section Webmaster,  Lamar University Young Professional and a contributing volunteer to Houston Section Newsletter team

Ayanna JohnsonGreenTech 2022 Contributing Writer and EditorIEEE EMBS SAC Executive Editor, Biomedical Engineering Student at the University of Oklahoma

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